Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok so I am really trying to catch up here!! I don't expect anyone to comment on them all but I posted 10 photos today. I'd love for you to see some so please scroll down a bit and take a glance. Thanks so much for all your support!

108/365 Puzzle

Ok this was just for fun, I saw the theme and remembered I just organized my actions today so I used the Panosfx action to create the puzzle. This shot was taken again while I was standing inside the pine tree - I was trying to shoot the bright sunset.

107/365 Purple

Dang these weeds!!! I hate picking these even more because they are kind of pretty but darn if they don't have vines that just get into everything! Little purple buggers!!

106/365 Abandoned

This is my lovely vegetable garden sadly abandoned by me last year :( I just couldn't find the time. Well this year I will not let this area down, I will sweat, curse and clean it up if it kills me! Ughhh...I still have to find the time :( I am very motivated by the thought of all the money I will save on tomatoes and cucumbers this year! I'll have to post a new pic once it's all cleaned up.

105/365 Grass

I got a little ambitious a few weeks back and tore up an uneven portion of my lawn and filled it in. Unfortunately now I have to grow grass there. I loaded up the area with seeds and covered it with some leaves and such but the darn birds removed all of the leaves and twigs for their nests. I was just thinking tonight that the grass is never going to grow when low and behold I see some new growth!! YEAH!!

104/365 Leaves

I love this little bush in my backyard, the whole thing flowers up pink and then these beautiful red leaves appear. The only draw back is the little pink flowers make a mess on my yard, but for the few days it's all full it really is beautiful!

103/365 From Ground Level

I was playing around inside the very tall pine tree on our front lawn tonight. I thought looking up would give a great dimensional look at how big this pine tree is.

102/365 Memories of Childhood

This is my parents house. It is also the only house I ever lived in before I got married. All of my childhood memories are in this house. I cropped it a bit on the right there is a steep driveway there. In the back of the house there is a large backyard and behind that a river. My parents are anxious to sell this house- in a way I hope they do because it will be easier for them but on the other hand this is where I grew up and I like being able to go "home."

101/365 Curly

I took this portrait in the photo class I am taking. I spent a while editing it for white balance issues and just cleaning up the background. I'm pretty pleased with the results :) I chose the theme curly because I love this guys curly hair!!

100/365 Costumes

This was Sean on Easter. He never asks for any toys or anything specific so when he asked the Easter Bunny for a chef hat and apron I went crazy trying to find one. This is him showing off his set with his new cooking set. Ohhh how I hope he'll grow up loving to cook!

99/365 Reflections

Oh I am sick over how backed up I've gotten on here! I have been taking pictures just no time to edit and post. I'm still training for my bike ride it's actually next WEEK!! I've only been up to 25 miles at one time on my bike and the ride is 42 so....I might have some good computer time next Monday if I can't move after the ride!!

This picture was taken behind the house I grew up in- which my parents are still in. I used the orton free action found on coffeeshop website . I normally don't actions but I really like the effect that this created.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

98/365 Self Portrait (make your own #7)

I did not like this weeks assignment - self portrait - so I thought I would share my agony with all of you. The lighting in my house is awful - I tried an overhead light but I got dark shadows..this was the only one that I liked that was in focus..which BTW focus is very hard to achieve in a self portrait!! I might have used the self healing tool in the final version of this (after all don't we all want to look 20 years younger !!)

97/365 Grumpy

Sean wasn't as happy as Adam with the face painting :( He was supposed to have a pumpkin on his face but he fell asleep at a show that they went to after he had his face done and he was quite over tired when he got home. Not at all the smiley little boy I am used to taking photos of!

Monday, April 6, 2009

96/365 Feline Friend

I don't have a cat and neither does anyone in my family so when Adam came home with his face painted I thought...hey I think that will work :)

OK OK I know he looks like a bunny because of the hat but Adam SWEARS he was a cat! lol

Sunday, April 5, 2009

95/365 Toys

I tried to get a picture of my kids toys but they are never neatly put least I an clean up the dogs toys. He has a habit of hiding them under the couch he likes to dig and he'll try to "dig" the carpet then put the toy there.

94/365 Painted?

Oh I need to start walking around my house with my eyes shut!! I was coming in from taking the bike photo when I looked under my front door and realized that I really need to paint that stoop again :( I miss my apartment!

93/365 New

Oh I am sooo in love with my NEW bike. I haven't had a bike in years but since I started to spin the natural urge to bike came along. I am riding in the 5 boro bike tour around NYC on May 3 it's 42 miles!! Today I went 20 miles in about 1 hour and 35 min...I have a ways to go but I love my new bike!!

92/365 Recycled

You wouldn't know it from this picture but they collect our papers 2 times a why you ask do we have so many papers? well my husband likes to go through each and every paper again before he recycles them and then he forgets to put them out!

91/365 Past it's prime

all I can say is it was a good thing I spent today cleaning...who know's how long that was in the fridge...YUCK!

90/365 Canine Companion

This is Cash...I have not been able to get a picture in focus of him since we got him in December (with the exception to the one where he was sleeping.)

89/365 On my table

Behind again :( I spent the better part of the day cleaning my house. When I was done I got my list and then found shots to try and get caught up. My boys gave me these flowers last week. While I love them on my table they are actually on top of the tv because I don't want the dog to knock them over.