Tuesday, May 26, 2009

128/365 On the Water

I couldn't help but take a picture of the gulls surrounding the boat while we were on the bay. They are beautiful while they are in the air but darn if they aren't annoying little scavengers. This was taken at Tyses Shoal it's the very end of Island beach state Park in NJ, hundreds of boats dock on the weekends here and then walk over the dunes to a private beach on the Ocean. It is just gorgeous.

127/365 Perfect Alignment

These are the new pavers outside my parents beach house. They made a deck and leveled off the property which makes for an awesome seating area!

126/365 Take a bow (make your own #10)

Lol I was looking at the theme list and nothing seemed to fit then I started playing on words and this one still makes me laugh. I wish this was a boat junkyard but it's actually an eyesore that is close to my mom's beach house. Three boats and none worth the paint they have on them - I'm sure at one point someone had a lot of fun with them

125/365 Rest in Peace

I didn't take this photo - I wish I could have because that would mean that my grandparents were still here, but they have been gone almost 20 years and I miss them as much as ever. This is my Jiddaw and Siddaw (Syrian for grandma and grandpa) and they were the best anyone could ask for. I used to stop over their house on the way home from college each Friday night and my jiddaw would always make sure I had $5.00 gas money (which he saved from his Bingo winnings) and they always had food waiting for me. They always wanted to know how everything was going and were so upset when I had to leave . My Siddaw had very bad arthritis, worse than I have ever seen even now after being a therapist for 15 years- but I never ever heard her complain. She is my hero and I hope that I have a little of her strength in me.

I miss you both so much
I will love you always

124/365 Garden Treasure (Make your own #9)

My mom has a ton of little garden statues but this one always makes me smile.

123/365 Stepping Stones (make your own #8)

These are stepping stones that go down the side of my parents beach house.

122/365 Pink

This was a pink azalea plant in front of my mom's beach house. The flowers were all blossomed it is a beautiful bush.

121/365 Fairs

Oh I am sooo behind :( With the warm weather I am trying to get out and do some yard work and keep up my biking so unfortunately this has taken a hit :( I have a ton of pictures I just need to post them so please scroll up and take a peek

This is my dad and Sean on a tilt a whirl at a local fair. I can't go on anything that spins so my dad was gracious to volunteer to take Sean and he had a great time :) Thanks dad!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

120/365 Legs

I set up my camera for my sister to take a picture of my husband and I and she thought it was hysterical that I stand on my toes when I take a photo with him. Well I am over a foot shorter than Chris so I kind of have to tip toe when I am wearing flats :( Anyway I thought this was cute when I was going through my photos so I thought I would share.

119/365 What's for Dinner

mmmm stuffed pork loin on the BBQ! This is my sister showing off her culinary skills! It really was fantastic!

118/365 Blue

My niece plays soccer and my nephew plays hockey...wow what a difference in the two sports!! Hockey is way to fast for me to keep up with but it was very cool watching my nephew skate like that! I noticed how blue the shirts were and the bench was also blue so I went with it :)

117/365 Underneath

Adam was hiding underneath the bleachers while we were watching my niece's soccer game...ummm I can see you Adam!!

116/365 Sweets

Mmmmm I love marshmallows!! In celebration of nursing home week it was sweets day at work today and I just thought this would be a fun shot. Tomorrow is health and fitness day ....lol

115/365 Girl

This is my niece - she is actually the princess because from my sisters and I we have 8 boys and 1 girl. I love this picture of her...we spent a great deal of yesterday teasing her because she wants to wear makeup...I think she looks beautiful just as she is :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

114/365 They make me a mom (make your own #7)

Ok so I would have loved to post a picture of my mom but she will NOT let me take her picture. I tried sneaking one today but she would have killed me if she saw it! So I'll just say to my mom happy mother's day and thank you for being my role model and for giving me the guidance to be the mom I am today. Thank you for being my best friend and for always giving me encouraging words to achieve my goals. I love you mom!!

Now my boys are well known to my blog already but they make me a mom! I love being their mom and I couldn't have picked 2 more special boys if I had tried. Thank you Adam and Sean for making me proud to be your mom every single day! I love you both so much

And to all the mom's out there...Happy Mother's Day!

113/365 Snacktime

Sean is a messy eater on a good day but today he was really enjoying this cupcake and just dove right in!!

112/365 Thrilling

We had a great time watching my niece's soccer game and I was just shooting away when SHE scored a goal. I captured the ball as it went into the net and boy was it thrilling to watch her reaction!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

111/365 Silly

This is Sean after a full round of silliness - we were shooting each other with a hose because the weather was so beautiful (last week!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

110/365 Street Scenes

It was an amazing sight to see so many bikers lined up on the streets of Manhattan. For blocks as far as the eyes could see.

109/365 Goal

Ok I did it!! The NYC 5 boro bike tour - 42 miles in the POURING rain!! I felt awesome, no problems with the biking at all. The pace was very slow because of the conditions so it took us 5 hours (I also figure we had to walk the bikes a few miles becuase of the congestion.)

I realized last night that I biked 42 miles and to date I have lost 42 pounds so this was a really great day for me!

So now I can put my focus back on the blog and get caught up (that is until my next adventure!!)

Thanks for everyone's support it means so much to me