Saturday, June 27, 2009

138/365 Inspiration

This may not look like much but this is my father in law, who is blind, throwing in a dart game while we were at the boardwalk. He is really quite amazing, but I must admit we did keep the kids back a bit for this!!

137/365 Stripes

Gotta love the stripes on this big clown. Sean did not want to sit there for the picture but in the end he was a good sport for me :)

136/365 sandy

We went to Point Pleasant for father's day with my husband's father, and his brother. Here Sean was walking through the sand while the older boys went on some "big boy rides."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Out my window (make your own theme)

I was driving home tonight to a very unhappy sky and as I drove closer it became a VERY mean sky! The dark patch in the back is where I had to go and boy were there thunderstorms :( It seems like we have had nothing but rain for weeks. I took this with my new cell phone so it's not very clear but it did the trick!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

134/365 Things that go

Well this is my sisters boat, wave runner and her ocean kayak..they all "go!"

133/365 Big Event

This may not look like a "big event" to many, but to my little guy Sean this was HUGE! Last year he freaked when we tried to take him in the water but this year my nephew Ryan was able to get him in the water the first time out. It took him a little while, and thank goodness that Ryan was patient, but he eventually let go and walked in the water alone!! YEAH!! now on to swimming lessons

132/365 The Wild Side

This is my oldest Adam thinking he is "just all that" as he took a ride on my sister's wave runner.

131/365 Black and White

My husband Chris looked very nice in his black and white tuxedo all dressed for the affair that honored his father.

130/365 Fashion

This was taken a few weeks ago (still catching up) my father in law was honored as humanitarian of the year at Seton Hall University. You can check his foundation out here . I labeled this fashion because since I lost 45 pounds I have to relearn how to dress. My mom fitted me for this dress and all the accessories and I felt awesome!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

129/365 Graduation (make your own theme)

This has been a crazy few months my little guy here Sean is finishing pre-school, my older son Adam finished Kindergarten, I finished another bike tour this time 45 miles and work is as busy as ever. Please bear with me I'm going to try and catch up.